The purpose of this blog is for teachers and students anywhere in the world to utilize the resources posted to offer meaningful instruction about the Middle East to secondary students. The robust content and lesson plans are an opportunity for students to participate in inspiring, informative and interactive learning.


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Also, please click this link to watch a brief video of the interview I did after my return from the United Arab Emirates.

This blog can be used by teachers anywhere in the world who want to offer students this opportunity to engage in meaningful learning about Istanbul, Islam and the United Arab Emirates. All of the uploaded lesson plans and projects are designed to enhance student mastery of common core standards and 21st-century skills.

It was an honor and a pleasure to present about my curriculum and teaching strategies at the SOCIOINT Education Conference this June.

I want to begin by introducing my students to some of the colleagues and contacts that I made from around the world when I traveled to Istanbul to present at the SOCIOINT Education Conference.

Students: The purpose of introducing you to the following people is to inspire you to want to reach out to locals on the ground when global news stories happen throughout the school year. If you are inspired by a particular news story during the school year, and you want to reach out to one of the following individuals regarding their expertise on the ground in regards to the situation, please let me know right away. I love it when my students get inspired and make real world connections to important historical events!